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poor design of the product under

the warranty, the maximum

claim amount is ten times

of the product value.



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Upright model:

TMAX 09 ~ 13 years

Stimulation 400



For models not listed above, please contact us for a variety of connectors.


Product Specifications:

Rectification form: digital closed-circuit

Rated output power:450W

Maximum output power:750W

Continuous Output Current:35A

Maximum Output Current:50A

Output Voltage Value:14.5V + -3%

Dimensions:102(L) * 83(W) * 25(H) mm

Hole Distance:60~82mm

Wire Length:200mm

Warranty: 1 year

1.Adjustable forged voltmeter modifies different system voltage : Every 0.4V is one cycle; press
once for 0.1V; fifths for return to original setting. There are in total 4 different voltage levels.
2.Die casting density is higher than average aluminum by 6061 aluminum, forging and CNC which
increase cooling effect.
3.Adjustable keyhole suitable for 100 c.c. to 1800c.c vehicle.
4.Patented honeycomb cooling construction with RCE carbon fiber logo reflects the spirit of Taiwan
Excellence award.
5.Latest low temperature circuit design gives more stability to keep voltage steady and temperature
below, therefore RCE rectifier less longer than average.
6.It is applicable to vehicle over 250c.c., withstands 450W generator and continuous 35A
7.To control voltage and current precisely with digital controller: Increasing adjustment of recharge
voltage which is the most efficient rectifier in the market.
8.Built-in rectification and filtration to prevent surge: Increasing efficiency of injection system
RCE Motorcycle Forged Rectifier ( 250c.c. and above )
( Shipping expenses/customs duty not included)
RCE Scooter Forged Rectifier ( 250c.c. and below )